About Kingfisher Psychology

At Kingfisher Psychology, we provide neuroaffirmative therapy, supervision and teaching. We specialise in working with the neurodivergent community, with a special interest in autism and Learning Disabilities. Our passion is supporting people to understand autism and how this relates to mental health, whether working therapeutically with individuals, supervising other professionals, or through teaching and training.

We work hard to provide a safe base where people are able to share their experiences without judgement, and to be listened to with respect. We know how much energy it takes to mask all the time, and we hope to create spaces where people feel safe to be themself, just as they are.

Kingfisher Psychology was created following a discussion with a parent who felt that there was a lack of services specialising in autism. There are also many people who may not have a diagnosis, but who feel that working with a specialist in neuroaffirmative practices would be helpful in understanding their difficulties.

The aim of Kingfisher Psychology was to create a bespoke service which meets the needs of individuals and families, with a special focus on autism. We help people to make sense of their experiences and to think about how to improve their quality of life, and to feel connected with what is important and meaningful to them.

We are passionate about systemic working with staff teams; ensuring the wellbeing of neurodivergent employees, and the quality of services offered to neurodivergent clients. We work closely with organisations to deliver teaching, training and to support continued professional development. Psychological consultation and formulation sessions can give increased understanding of the dilemmas faced within your staff team, and how to improve client care. We have years of experience in providing training packages to schools, universities, charities and other care professionals.

Our Clinical Psychologist currently works for the NHS within a homelessness service, providing a psychologically informed understanding of the needs of clients. This includes offering team reflective practice, clinical supervision and formulation sessions.