It can be helpful to have an assessment to build an understanding of your current difficulties. At Kingfisher Psychology we offer individualised assessments based on your needs, or the needs of your child. 

We can support you to create a psychological formulation that maps out your current experiences and the impact that they may be having on your day to day life. This can help you to understand your own health and wellbeing, and think about how to improve your quality of life, mood and motivation. This can be helpful for individuals experiencing mental health difficulties, low mood, anxiety, loss or relationship difficulties.

It may be that you are considering an assessment for Autism, ADHD or a Learning Disability, but are unsure where to begin and would like some support in considering your options. Some people are interested in understanding their profile of strengths and difficulties, to explore whether a diagnostic assessment would be worthwhile for them.

We are able to offer short-term assessments to suit you, which may lead to you deciding to access further support, assessment or therapy. We offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation in the first instance to ensure that we are the right fit for you, and to give the opportunity for any questions. Following on from this, we will have a consultation (face to face or online) to discuss your concerns and to explore the right assessment pathway for you.

Kingfisher Psychology offers advice and support across the lifespan and all are welcome. We are an inclusive service, and value clients from all backgrounds and circumstances.